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Analytics for video engagement
Analytics for video engagement

See how people interacted with your story, and when

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Analytics can help you understand which stories people watch, and how much they view. Essentially, it's like read receipts for your video. To access analytics when viewing a story, click the viewer count in the top right and View Analytics.

You must be logged in to see analytics for a story.

Viewers, Sessions, and Card Views

Once open, you can filter by guest or member viewers, and session. Recent viewers will appear in the left column automatically. A guest is someone who viewed the story without logging in. If you have a public story, this is what the majority of your analytics will be.

In Rally, a story is made up of many small chapters called Cards. To see which cards of a story were viewed, click "Avg Cards Viewed" in the top summary block. You can also use the left column to filter by audience or specific viewer.

Reviewing Session Data

You can also see which cards within a story each person viewed. This is useful for understanding how much of the content someone sees, or to know if updated content in your story is reviewed too.

Analytics may include content you edited or removed

When you change or remove content in a story, the historical analytics will still include the related view counts. For example, if you had a story of 8 cards, and then removed one later. The view data for that card will still appear in the historical summary when viewing any overlapping time period where it was present. We will continue to add more ways to filter for latest vs historical content in the future.

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