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Sharing a recording

How to embed, download, or link a story to others

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Share a link to a single story

To share a link to the current story, click Share in the top right when viewing a story. If you need people outside your Rally account to see it, select "Anyone with the link can view this story" to make the link public.

Once public, others can watch the story without signing in via a secret link. You do not need to invite customers to your account to share content.

Share links include download and secret links

Download the story as a video

You can also download the story as an MP4 video file, for sharing on other platforms like LinkedIn or YouTube. This option is useful in cases like posting to social accounts where you don't need to keep the content updated. For example, tweeting about the new feature release, with an example video clip.

Requires paid plan. You must have an active subscription (Super plan or higher) to download video exports.

Embed video on your own website

Sneak Preview! 🤫 This feature is under development, and may not be available on all accounts yet.

You can use embeds to include Rally videos in existing release notes, blog posts, and support documentation anywhere on the internet. They work just like embeds from video hosts like YouTube or Wistia, and have a few customization options to make sure the embed fits neatly into your site.

The embed will always reflect the latest version of your story. Updates will appear as soon as you publish changes.

An example of the embedded video layout:

Embedded Rally video story

Share multiple stories using boards

You can also share a collection of stories by creating a public board. This is useful for situations where you have related content that may change over time. Any story which appears on the board will be accessible to anyone given the secret link.

Public boards will appear with a globe icon

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